Pakistan Youth Innovation Club – PYIC, recognized by Pakistan Engineering Council - PEC, is an entity with an objective to streamline Innovation related activities in the country and to commercialize the state-of-the-art products. Here in PYIC, we aim to do innovation in a unique “Pakistani Version”. We believe that by polishing their creative and innovative side, Pakistani youth can be proved as the most powerful weapon of our country. PYIC will provide a platform to young professionals: Engineers, Technologists, Entrepreneur, Artists and Designers, to showcase their ideas and collaborate together to develop indigenous products and to solve local problems. We desire to transform the trend of ‘just earning degrees’ into the culture where everyone will ‘Learn, Innovate, Create and Impact’. We believe in ‘Not to FOLLOW, but to LEAD the World’ strategy.


Our idea is inclusive of multi-generational multi cultured multi skilled community and it draws on the strength of this diversity and it builds on a shared foundation of shared values such as humility, respect, authenticity, productivity that outcomes the outputs, but perhaps as we shift our focus from just process to developing people from just outcomes to creating space for opportunity and innovation from transactional to transformational leadership that creates vibrant, dynamic and healthy community.

Simply the notion and the objective of revolutionizing the conventional saturated educational system with a System that will not only based on Character building of youth but being the basis of making this nation stand on its own feet i.e. a sustainable ecosystem

Connection with Innoversity

Pakistan Youth and Innovation Club aims to create a culture of innovation in our times. Innovation has become our necessity like never. We firmly believe in creating a culture of collaborative innovation, where ideas are cobbled together from all the backgrounds and stick together. To make this a reality we welcome the idea of diversity, even in our initial stages of establishment, we are open to people of different backgrounds, cultures, expertise, and skills, thereby providing a platform to all. This building of diverse spaces is termed as ‘liquid network’, where ideas or not just ‘protected’ but ‘connected’.

Our Ideology

At the Pakistan Youth Innovation Club, we devote our deep focus and energy to andragogy rather than pedagogy. Individuals shall be provided with the opportunity and a platform to learn from their surroundings. Furthermore, how to alter and improve them through their imagination. Learners shall be able to grow and establish a strong fort for the manifestation and voicing of their innovative ideas and abilities. They shall be capable to make keen assessments and observations with an active mind; under the most innovatively challenging environments. They will be made fit to see a problem or knowledge gap and organize topics around life/work solutions. Individuals will be able to explore current areas and topics regarding today's evolving world. They will be able to grasp, adapt, and implement their ideas to help Pakistan in being a technologically progressive country that not only satisfies international standards but leads them. Through Pakistan Youth Innovation Club, we bring modernization and imagination into one. Allowing all a contemporary way of expression so that they may be able to change and modify the future of Pakistan, in terms of technological advancement as well as humility and wisdom, for the better.


In PYIC, we will cover this distance by riding on the “High Road” of Pride and Dignity that is: “ACTION”.


Our vision of AAI includes Adventure which is the perfect catalyst to free your body and mind from the complex matrix of life.


The Pakistan Youth Innovation club destined to lead the future Innovators.

Our Objective is Transformational Leadership (via mentorship & training) to produce leaders who encourage, inspire and motivate to innovate and create change

Team Focal Persons